The 3 Best Podcasts for COVID19 News

COIVD-19 needs no expert PR team to continuously make the front-page news on a global scale. For the past eight months, media outlets around the world have been dedicated to releasing what feels like a 24/7 stream of coronavirus related content. Podcasts have been operating as a popular source of on-demand news (The Daily, CNN, NPR) for decades and have followed suit.

As far as capitalizing on the public interest in the pandemic goes, podcast hosts are giving politicians a run for their money. The coronavirus pandemic has provided ample talking points for solidified podcast hosts of all genres, as well as allowed newer shows to flourish by virtue of covering the most sought-after news story of the year. Additionally, the pandemic has inspired the birth of a number of podcasts that focus solely on providing listeners with an onslaught of COVID-19 news.

With so much coverage, it can be challenging to know where to turn to for reliable, timely, and relatively neutral updates. While there are many sources available, not all pandemic news sources are created equal, if you know what we mean…

We’ve done an analysis and identified the three most useful podcasts to turn to for accurate and interesting news about how COVID19 is affecting communities around the globe.

Check them out!

America Dissected

Crooked Media’s America Dissected was born in late-2019 as a healthcare-focused podcast hosted by physician and Columbia professor, Dr. Abdul-Sayed. As the pandemic reared it’s ugly head in the early months of 2020, America Dissected transitioned effortlessly into a podcast dedicated to scrupulously covering the unfolding crisis in America. This podcast allows listeners the opportunity to stay updated on the latest and greatest policy changes and externalities of the virus, while staying true to their roots and exposing the flaws in the healthcare system.  

Coronavirus: The Truth

Hosted by Stanford University professor Dr. Robert Pearl and co-host Jeremy Corr, “Coronavirus: The Truth” is a spin-off of the popular healthcare podcast “Fixing Healthcare”, which is dedicated to, you guessed it: exploring theories surrounding the transformation of medicine. Each episode of this podcast covers a common COVID-19 question, like “What’s the most promising scientific development so far?” and “Is it too soon for sports?” and provides listeners with what is arguably the most neutral perspective we could find.

Consider This: Make Sense of the Day — NPR

Podcast-pioneer, NPR, has been serving up respectable and accessible news for many years now. Naturally, NPR’s “Consider This” podcast has devoted ample episode space to the COVID-19 Pandemic since March. Although the podcast doesn’t focus solely on viral (haha) news, the podcast is dedicated to helping listeners make sense of daily events which, well, tend to involve the coronavirus quite frequently. This podcast provides listeners with the good, the bad, and the ugly, in 15 minutes or less!


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