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Podcast Clips

LISN is giving the tools to both users and creators to clip segments of your favorite podcast episodes, share them right to the app or to any of your favorite social media platforms.


Increase your audience size quickly and organically. Create your own short length clips and sharing them anywhere online for users to discover. Oh, and your audience can do the same. Going viral is now a community affair.

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We’re lucky enough to have built some relationships with local creators in our area. They’ve put up with the, shall we say, less complete versions and helped us get the product to where it is today. If you haven’t heard of them check them out and see how they’re already using LISN to grow their podcast audience.


We're a team of Canadian podcast enthusiasts that were so fed up with the lacklustre podcast apps that we decided to create our own.

Our goal is to revolutionize the way lisners consume podcasts, and to help creators interact with and grow their audience like never before.

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We Built a Platform to Revolutionize the Podcast Industry

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We Built a Platform to Revolutionize the Podcast Industry

We Built a Platform to Revolutionize the Podcast Industry

LISN is the world’s first podcast clipping app to help creators monetize and listeners discover. This is our story.


We are launching LISN soon, sign up now and start clipping with us.

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